Puerto Penasco, aka “Rocky Point”, Mexico

We have been having such a fun time down here in Mexico. It’s so nice being able to all fit into one house and to be near each other. We usually wake up, hang out on the beach, eat lunch, make dinner, eat, back at the beach, put the kids down, clean up, then hang out and play games or the wii.

We went to church on Sunday (District Conference), walked to the aquarium today, took lots of family pictures… it’s been a blast!

(*note: for some reason, all of the pics are out-of-order…so just read the caption and description if available). We’ll be heading out of Mexico tomorrow…all the way back to Provo!


Las Vegas

We had a couple of days to “unwind” in Las Vegas. It was sooo relaxing! We chilled at our hotel, Planet Hollywood (priceline.com), in our suite (we were upgraded because they were overbooked). Niiice! šŸ™‚

The first day we walked around a lot…we walked through different hotels/casinos, then walked all they way down to a Sprint store because Tim was splish-splashing a bit in the tub and ruined his phone. Oops! We walked for about 30 minutes in the hot sun to the store…waited in line a bit…and Tim got a new phone! šŸ˜› We got a cab back.

Grabbed dinner, then went a watched Mama Mia! FINALLY! We loved it! There were a few cheesy horn-ball parts (perhaps because we watched it in Vegas?? not sure…) but we still thoroughly enjoyed it. Honestly, I would say I enjoyed it much more than Wicked. (gasp!). šŸ™‚ Oh well…gotta love ABBA!

The next day, we rested our feet poolside, and basked in the sun (well, the shade for me). Later, we met up with Mom, Dad, and John, then went to eat in Chinatown with Peter and Cherie.


We had a great time chillin’ with Julia’s family in Kennewick for a few days. It was fun to see how much each of the nieces and nephews had grown.

Camp Ensign

After visiting my grandma at the hospital, we drove down to Camp Ensign. We had a blast at Julia’s Family Reunion. Here are some pics from our days there…


We had a blast in Kent visiting my family. Pauline had a day off from work, so we had a good time hanging out with her. We went to eat with our old friend, Jenny, and then went to Ranch 99 and did some shopping for Hot Pot that night.

The next day, we drove to the hospital with Uncle Ted and Grandpa to visit Grandma. We met up with my parents there, then drove down to Camp Ensign to meet up with the rest of my fam.

Day 32 – Mahalo Hawaii… On to Seattle!

Trip Update

Hello! So we have been really really REALLY bad at keeping this thing updated! Part of the problem: some of our hotels charged for their internet (which we didn’t want to pay for). So we kept procrastinating our updating…and then just got waaay behind.

HOWEVER, this week we’re in Mexico (and have excellent wireless internet), so we SHOULD be able to get all caught up. And in case you hadn’t noticed, I added a video somewhere near the beginning of our trip post… (Day 1, perhaps?) I will try to add more videos as I continue to update.